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-Welcome to the Damage Inc guild portal-

Existing guild members can register using the links above to use the access forums and other exiting features of the portal.

Prospective new members can contact any of the guild officers in game if you are interested in joining our thriving community.

If Damage Inc appeals to you then simply send a /tell in game to either of our founder TsunamiTT or Zant

or BeastfuTE Alternatively you can contact our team of officers:

We are actively recruiting players of any  level / class / race to join our ever expanding family.

We pride ourselves on teamwork, respect and honour!

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We did a Fishbowl

zant45, Dec 3, 13 5:18 PM.
Well Done Every1 that took part in the 1'st Damage inc Fishbowl and thankyou for takeing part in the Fishbowl,     It went very well and we Finnished the Fishbowl got a good few new stuff and we mapped the Eye of the Destrution and the Bile ML mapped too,, So once again well done every1,,, Zant


zant45, Nov 10, 13 9:20 PM.
Hi Every1 I have made New GuildVaults for us,, 1 we know have GATE & FB Bile and Bilewep Vaults. 2 We know have Damagewep,,Damageincengines,,Damagereactors,,,Damagedevices,,damagesheilds,,Plus Damamgeloot that u can put anything thats looted in there. The other vaults put in 200% stuff so we can pass it too new players pls,,,ok, My self and the othere Guild leaders have pick some Offices too look after these vault plus log them in when wear not online,, U my all ask Why we done it this Way ( well we had guildvault before and Some1 changed the PW and then got ridd off them ) Know pls we ar not saying that any off U ar goner do Something like that ok,, its just hard  when all the guild run a round getting looted stuff and makeing 200% stuff and banking them in the guildvault and for some1 too get ridd off ar Vaults becuse he or she got banned. I hope u all Understand pls,, We have picked,, Zap,,Ginra,, Cool,,  Mono,,Dark these player will be promoted,,to officers Rank I will be picking a Few more player in the next week or 2 So pls look up for more player to be promoted ty Guildleader Zant
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